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Obduction Delayed To July With Release Date

afbeelding van Doobes

In a backer message sent to those that donated to the Kickstarter campaign, Cyan, Inc. has confirmed a release date for Obduction, but with a catch: it will be in late July instead of June as previously announced.

The new release date has been set for Tuesday, July 26th for PC and Mac. The retail price will be $29.99 for those who didn't donate but want to buy it. Backers have already paid for the game with their donations, and details of how and when the game will be delivered to them are forthcoming. 

Digital purchase methods will be Steam and likely GOG.com and a boxed release is not planned outside of backers who donated to get them.

System specs have been revealed on Steam's Obduction page.  Alex Rich has posted a handy screenshot of said requirements for the Windows version.  UPDATE: ...and the Mac version too!

Keep checking back here for more Obduction updates!

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